A summary of the problems and prospects of the women in the third world

Due to the length of the chapter, it has been split into sub pages on this site. Shrinking populations can lead to an age distribution dominated by elderly people, with increasing numbers of middle-aged, childless couples. Unless indicated otherwise, all population growth and fertility figures in this chapter come from World Population Prospects:

A summary of the problems and prospects of the women in the third world

Imperialism is not just about armies, labor and gold. Imperialism has a cultural dimension. When one part of the world systematically oppresses another, it changes not only the material make-up of those societies, it also affects the cultures. According to Rodney Societies such as feudal Ethiopia and Egypt were at the furthest point of the process of evolutionary development.

Zimbabwe and the Bachwezi states were also clearly on the ascent away from communalism, but at a lower level than the feudal states and a few others that were not yet feudal such as those in Western Sudan.

A summary of the problems and prospects of the women in the third world

As it was and still is with Africa so has it been with the rest of the third world countries in Asia and Latin America. This is why we can say that the political and economic life of the so-called Third — World countries cannot be discussed or given a cursory glance without taking consideration of the influence of the developed or industrialized nations of the west and North America.

Howeverthe above thesis remains what the neo-Marxist scholars of the school of imperialism have come to contradict, because truly the politics of the third- world countries of Asia ,Africa, and Latin America ,cannot be studied outside the imperialist incursion of the third worldwhich is an offshoot of the growth of advanced capitalism.

This is why Lenin in his book considered imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. Capitalism as an economic ideology was influenced greatly by the Industrial Revolution in the west, starting from Britain in Collins concise encyclopediaand later spreading to other parts of Europe in the 18th century.

The growth of capitalism and its spread around Europe further brought about the saturation of the European markets. So in essence there was need for markets elsewhere for these goods.

So the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America became seen as veritable markets for for these goods. Thus was born the idea of colonialism, which was consequently a manifestation of imperialism, whereby territories were turned into colonies of the principal authority for the main purpose of plunder.

The colonization of the third world countries by imperialist Europe halted and distorted the development patterns that were being followed by the now called third world countries.

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Where these imperialists were not allowed to peacefully assume power, they took it by force. Today, even after the decolonization of the countries of the so-called third world, the industrialized nations are not only exporting goods but also capital in the form of machinery, technology, investments and loans.

Modernization scholars like W. On the other hand the Neo-Marxist scholars mostly from the third world, scholars like; Andre Gunder Frank, Walter Rodney and Ake Claude have come to defend the existence of the phenomenon, further seeing it as a major force in the life of the third world.

So what is this imperialism? This definition shows that imperialism is a highly parasitic relationship between territories, because the so-called industrialized expropriated the resources of the third world to feed their own industrialization.

These acts are usually done with impunity. From this definition, it is implied that imperialism is as a result of the growth of advanced capitalism. Given the expansionist nature of capitalism it has little inclination to stay at home. Almost years ago, Marx and Engels described a Bourgeoisie that chase over the world surface for the globe for capital accumulation and surplus value.

Barratt cited in Ake The concept has thus been associated with an unequal economic relationship between states not simply the inequality of large and small ,rich and poor trading partners but the inequality of political and economic dependence of the latter on the former.

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This above definition is useful because it comes from the perspective of some common sense view of imperialism but it did not establish a link between capitalism and imperialism.

After exploring the above definitions by these authorities in the field it is now pertinent to see imperialism as the economic and political control of a geographical entity by another, whereby the former is dominated by the latter for the main purposes of plunder and extraction of, material and surplus value in a relationship that ends up leading to dependence.

This definition could be seen as appropriate in the context of this paper because; 1. It establishes the relationship between capitalism and imperialism and 2. It establishes the role of dependence in imperialism. It has elicited various definitions from scholars of diverse backgrounds and ideological underpinnings.

At the level of the individual, it implies increased skill and capacity, greater freedom, creativity, self — discipline, responsibility and material well being. Howeverwhat is indisputable is that the achievement of any of those aspects of personal development is very much tied in with the state of the society as a whole".Institute On World Problems vetconnexx.com SUMMARY OF GLOBAL PROBLEMS AND CRISES Note: All these crises are interdependent and interrelated.

One crisis cannot be dealt with without dealing with them all. Social and economic chaos in "third world" countries and exploitation by first world countries and their corporations. WORLD POPULATION PROSPECTS: THE REVISION SUMMARY AND KEY FINDINGS The Revision is the twenty-third round of official United Nations population estimates and projections, prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the World Population Prospects: The .

Publisher's Summary This fourth Rural Sociological Society decennial volume provides advanced policy scholarship on rural North America during the 's, closely reflecting upon the increasingly global nature of social, cultural, and economic forces and the impact of neoliberal ideology upon policy, politics, and power in rural areas.

The World at Six Billion, World Population, Year 0 to near stabilization [Pdf file] Summary Table. 1 - ( years): to 1 bil. updates, and publishes estimates of total population in its World Population Prospects series. These population estimates and projections provide the standard and consistent set of population figures.

IMPERIALISM AND UNDERDEVELOPMENT IN THE THIRD WORLD Introduction Indeed, imperialism has been one of the most dominant forces in world politics over the last four centuries, carving up whole countries while oppressing indigenous peoples and obliterating entire civilizations. Some general observations are made on the problems of using Western-derived treatment approaches in a Third World setting.

Sex Therapy in Sri Lanka—Development, Problems and Prospects: International Review of Psychiatry: Vol 7, No 2.

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