British political structure essay

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British political structure essay

Lords Temporal include life peers and hereditary peers. However due to on going reforms of the role of herditary peers in the house of lords. The Lords Spiritual represent the established Church of England and consists of 26 members, the Archbishops of York and Canterbury and the 24 most senior Bishops of the church.

It currently acts to review legislation formed by the House of Commons, with the power to propose amendments, and exercises a suspensive veto. This allows it to delay legislation if it does not approve for twelve months. The House of Lords is currently also the final court of appeal on civil cases within the United Kingdom although cases can then go on to the European high court for appeal.

All three assembies are elected by proportional representation instead of the traditional system first past the post.

British political structure essay

The devolved governments have some legislative powers to deal with issues in their country however issues involving the whole united kingdom are still controled by the houses of parliament.

How laws are passed The government is responsible for the majority of new laws. Individual MPs and opposition parties can suggest laws but do not have the time or the support to put laws through parliament.

The government firstly publishes a Green Paper, A Green Paper is a period of consultation where the government seeks feedback and ideas from specialists, senior members of government and the general public. After the consultation is over, the government will then publish a White Paper.

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The white paper is how the government states its intention to introduce the new legislation. When the government has decided on the white paper and if it should become legislation they will introduce a parliamently bill.

As the bill progresses through parliament, amendments are made which affect what the final law will be. After being debated in the commons the bill is then passed on to the house of lords.

British political structure essay

The current voting system in local and general elections is called the first past the post system. There are separate areas across the UK each electing one MP.

In order to vote you must be eighteen although there is on going debate to bring it down to sixteen so that their be a bigger percentage of voters. Uk citizens who are currently in prison have there right to vote suspended.

The general election takes place every five years and can be called at anytime by the current government within the five years. For example here are three main national parties. In the example above, 22 voted for the candidate that won that election howver 30 voted against the winner therefore the party doesnot have to support of the majority.

Counting of the ballot papers is usually fast and result of a british election is usually known the very next day after polling. The first past the post system creates clear majorities for one party this prevents coalitions for forming which could give extremist minority partys influence on how the countrys run.

The voting system can put the public off voting because if they vote for smaller parties its seen as a wasted vote and will not make a difference, however if we adopted propostional representation smaller parties will have more of a chance of gaining more seats.

The first past the post system works very well if there are only two parties running for an election. If we adopted a proportional representation system this would create a fairer voting system for all political parties.

Clearly we would be interested in creating a fair voting system. The Liberal and other parties received half as many seats as they should have got. And it says that Alternative Vote would produce even more disproportionate results than any other system.Prospect Magazine - UK based political magazine focussing on British and international politics, cultural essays and arguments British Politics - the only academic journal devoted purely to the study of political issues in Britain.

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[ESSAY] To what extent does the ‘Westminster model’ still adequately describe the UK political system? (Written prior to Brexit and as part of my British Politics 2 module).

Custom British Politics essay paper The Monarchy is a dignified part of the constitution because of the roles it plays.

Without the monarchy in England, the present English administration could have buckled and cease to exist. This type of rebellion can be seen in the table shown below: 6Christopher Garner and Natalia Letki, Party Structure and Backbench Dissent in the Canadian and British Parliaments, Canadian Journal of Political Science, The british political system is made up of houses of parliament and regional assemblies in Scotland, wales and northern Ireland.

where members of parliament (MP’s) discuss four main issues legislation, representation, investigation and financing. Canada's messy political system Is The Unites States Political System A Legitimate Democracy? discuss benefits of welfare system in britain Aims and development of the penal system within the .

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