Catch 22 research papers

Interestingly, the second article mentioned the authors I wound up with, but since it talks specifically about the ability to detect rhymes, and not necessarily the effect of learning nursery rhymes, I kept going. And then on the second page of search results, I found this: In the abstract, which I found on JSTOR, the authors write A strong, highly specific relationship was found between knowledge of nursery rhymes, and the development of phonological skills, which remained significant when differences in IQ and social background were controlled.

Catch 22 research papers

Regardless if you are recruiting as a sponsor, contract research organization CROor other, finding, training, and retaining your clinical research operations employees can be challenging. Bill Clemens, managing director with executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, says it helps to remember how the CRO industry has evolved.

He notes that now, unlike the CROs of yesterday, more people come into clinical research to make and shape their careers. Tim Neathery, vice president of talent acquisition for PPD, agrees: We try to strike a balance of hiring experienced clinical research professionals, while identifying those with the right competencies to be the best talent not only today, but also in the years to come.

Or do they have transferable skills that set the foundation for the jobs they are performing? One aspect is incentives. There are a number of programs companies offer to encourage potential candidates to either apply to or accept a position.

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Other examples of making a workplace more desirable are employee engagement programs. Examples of both non-financial incentives, as well as employee engagement programs, fall under what Lowery called work-life balance.

In the US, clinical monitoring alone is Canavan points out that the CRA job itself is demanding. Many work out of a home office and travel extensively to sites, which can lead to burnout. Those organizations are stressing competency over quantity.

Angela Roberts, head of CRA recruitment at craresources, a recruitment agency solely for CRAs, agrees that it is tough for hiring managers to find CRAs that have the right therapeutic experience, at the right time, at the right location, and with the right fit.

That problem has created a groundswell of falsified resumes. InPPD launched an apprenticeship program targeted to military veterans and military service members with medical backgrounds who are transitioning to the civilian workforce. Both Neathery and Lowery believe that being a good employer goes a long way to recruiting and retaining talent.

We offer internal employee development programs and on-the-job experiences that help our staff prepare for their next role.


The remote site monitor role is one that Neathery notes has been developed in the past five years. And like other industries, Neathery says the ability to use technology, understand data, and translate that data into action will be more important for CROs. Neathery also says that individuals who can accept and embrace change and be flexible are well-suited to this changing landscape.

And they have to work it better than anyone else.Director’s Note: The science and research done on the true impacts of animal agriculture is always growing. The statistics used in the film were based on the best information we had available while producing the film.

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Catch 22 research papers

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Catch 22 research papers

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