Cbt multicultural counseling

He is the Clinical Director for the practice and sees children and adults.

Cbt multicultural counseling

Palladino received a Master's degree in Psychology from Temple University in He is a licensed psychologist who treats adults. Bob specializes in the treatment of people with grief issues, ADHD, and affective and anxiety disorders.

She worked as a school counselor for five years. Penning treats children, adolescents and adults with a special interest in working with adolescents.

She has experience in Cognitive Behavioral therapy for the treatment of addictive behaviors, depression, anxiety, mood disorders and behavioral difficulties. Judy's areas of expertise include: Judy is a trained EMDR practitioner who uses this powerful processing modality as an adjunctive treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma.

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Now a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she works with adults, adolescents, couples and families. She creates a safe, supportive environment in which individuals can utilize their unique strengths and identify their needs, while providing emotional safety to explore, learn, heal and grow.

She is particularly interested in clients' early experiences and relationships and how these experiences impact on present functioning and relationships.

She has also worked as adjunct professor at several area colleges.

Cbt multicultural counseling

Rubin treats children, adolescents, adults, and families, with a special interest in play therapy. She is a certified Gestalt Therapist, and combines a variety of orientations in order to meet the specific needs of each client.

Russo-Innamorato is a licensed psychologist who received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She works within a cognitive-behavioral orientation and primarily treats adults.

Cbt multicultural counseling

She is a licensed clinical social worker who treats adults, and geriatric patients. She has extensive background experience in health care and has special interest in the treatment of anxiety, grief and medical issues. Her clinical approach is integrative, primarily drawing on cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and the tenets and practices of positive psychology.

Kelli utilizes an eclectic approach to create a treatment plan best suited for each individual. She enjoys working with diverse populations. She is a licensed professional counselor who treats adolescents and adults.The Goal of Correctional Counseling 3 The goal of correctional counseling is usually based on two positions.

The Two Positions The first position argues that correctional counseling aims to reduce recidivism. There seems to be considerable agreement among the general public and a sub-. The best teaching & training videos in psychotherapy, counseling and addiction treatment for psychotherapists, counselors, and social workers.

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CE available. American Counseling Association - a professional and educational organization that is dedicated to all things counseling related. vetconnexx.com offers psychotherapy articles, interviews and videos with master psychotherapists: Yalom, Linehan, Meichenbaum, Sue Johnson & more.

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