Did elvis write his own songs

Before Ken Sharp's fascinating interview with Mac Davis we wanted to ask him a few questions ourselves about meeting these important composers. EIN - Ken, what was it like to meet these great songwriters? Ken Sharp - For me, it's the music that matters and having the opportunity to sit down and converse with many of the songwriters who helped Elvis's music come alive was a thrill. Hearing their stories about the creation of the songs that Elvis recorded opened up a heretofore unknown window into Elvis, the creative artist.

Did elvis write his own songs

Eddie Deezen 14 comments It was March of The teenagers of the world were rejoicing. Because Elvis was getting out of the army.

The screenplay was fine- if it had been written for Bing Crosby in or Fred Astaire in or even Frank Sinatra in The songs were okay, but they somehow had lost their bite. He even sings one of the songs holding a little puppet in his hand, singing to a set of twins he is baby-sitting.

Blues, despite decidedly mixed reviews, was a box-office bonanza.

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Then the nail in the coffin. The die was cast. The pattern was set, and now the studio execs all felt that Elvis making lightweight musicals would mean big financial returns, and casting him in serious dramas, like he wanted, potentially meant box office flops.

Being in crappy movies is better than being in no movies… right? Elvis remained quiet, swallowing what must have been a very hurtful dose of lost pride and dignity. The once-promising young rebel was to become a cornball caricature.

His film career was to be by all reports, by far, the biggest disappointment of his career. From there he slowly fell further- having an affair, getting a divorce, taking more and more prescriptions drugs as his health, and physique, rapidly declined.

Near the end, he could barely keep upright on the stage, holding the microphone stand for support, while he slurred his way through the lyrics. As guitarist John Wilkinson stated: He was all gut. He was so fucked up. It was obvious there was something terribly wrong with his body.

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It was so bad the words to the songs were barely intelligible. He could barely get through the introductions… Inhe overdosed on barbiturates twice, in one of the instances ending up in a coma for three days.

Then a book was published by three of his bodyguards that had been unceremoniously fired, in which they revealed to the public that Elvis, who had once criticized the Beatles for their drug use- the now cookie cutter clean Elvis- himself was taking numerous drugs daily.

John Lennon was asked for a quote when Elvis Presley passed away in August of He has done a lot of songs.

Did elvis write his own songs

Hits in movies, ones that aren't in movies, he has even wrote his own a few times. Most people aren't sure how may songs Elvis has sung, because he has sung a lot. Elvis wrote very few of his songs, but sometimes received songwriter credit in exchange for performing the songs.

The last song he wrote was "You'll be gone." Tags: elvis, elvis presley. When Elvis first sauntered onto the American music scene, many wrote him off as a fleeting sensation: a year-old who would sway his hips, make a few thousand teenage girls scream, then quickly. Elvis Presley may be the single most important figure in American 20th century popular music.

Not necessarily the best, and certainly not the most consistent. But no one could argue with the fact that he was the musician most responsible for popularizing rock & roll on an international level.

The listener might find their own private story in any of these songs or have no deeper curiosity than whether it was track five or six on an album released a lifetime ago. Dec 22,  · Sadly, not only did EP not write his own songs, but his manager Colonel Tom Parker was made it impossible for the best Tin Pan Alley and Nashville songwriters to pitch new material to the King.

The reason was simple. Human greed reigned supreme. Thomas Andrew .

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