Do you think that media should

But I feel that this can create the wrong impression in people who watch the news, or read the articles, giving people the idea that the killings may have been racially motivated, which in many cases, they are not. There was a homicide that happened where I live, for example, and people were fueled with racial frustration over it, even though it wasn't racially motivated, and the fact that the race of the victim was mentioned in the headlines, I think had a great deal to do with it. It feels like the media does it to stir a reaction or create shock value, and I feel there should be a some sort of law in place that prevents them from mentioning race of homicide victims, especially in cases where the race was not motivated. But since they do not know the motivation, they shouldn't be mentioning anything that can suggest motivation, until the suspect is proven guilty, I think.

Do you think that media should

Social Media vs Institutions by George Benckenstein So you think you've heard every perspective there is about and why companies should take notice? What I hope you understand after reading this is the true importance of social media and why most companies don't have a clue as to what it means for their business, customers, employees and their competitors.

Chances are your company is NOT delivering a superior customer experience. So is this what's important about social media? Now take a moment to consider just what comes between a traditional institution or organization and its customers.

Should Your Company Have a Social Media Policy?

You have a business with all the internal barriers that exists in all companies. Now you have traditional media to communicate with your customers.

You rely on interruptions and disruptions to message to your clients and potential customers. Is it any wonder businesses are disconnected from their customers and their experiences?

Social media, or let's say the platforms created to support it, have created a slight paradigm shift well maybe a bit more than slight. In order to understand the enormity of this shift, you have to start looking at this phenomena a little differently - from a holistic point of view.

This new dynamic has created an environment where communication, collaboration and coordination exist without barriers.

It gives power to individuals to compete with institutions at a level unprecedented. Institutional containment as we know it does not exist. Market barriers no longer exist as we know it. Let's think about social media thru another lens.

Let's look at it around "coordinating effort" or, from the basis any institution is created which is, getting things done. This is what's important about social media.

Institutions and organizations are wondering what to do about social media. Policies are being written, consultants are being brought in to figure out how it can be used as a marketing channel. Companies are missing what's really important about social media and the platforms that support it - and here it is.

Cooperation cost is the economic burden of coordinating effort. Traditionally, the solution for coordinating effort was to create an institution. More recently, since the cost for people to communicate with each other has fallen thru the floor, many are rethinking the system in which people communicate, collaborate and coordinate.

Do you think that media should

A great example of this is found on social networking platforms - platforms where coordination and communication are designed into the system. Systems that allow group output without regard to traditional institutional models.

It means that business leaders have to get comfortable with reviewing something very core - their original purpose - their existence. In the end, I really think there are only 2 choices: Embrace and leverage communication, collaboration and coordination platforms.

Institutions and individuals alike all have access to a world of new opportunities. This is difficult because it requires us to forget what we think we know and look at our circumstance dispassionatly and objectively.

It will also require us all to get involved and learn. You can't fake this.

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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. This is how many institutions and organizations will come to terms with these new, communication, collaboration and coordination platforms. So here we are. The ultimate importance of the web is coming to fruition.

It's the ultimate communication platform. It gives institutions the power to outdistance their competition by breaking down communication barriers between their employees, their customers and their suppliers.Employers are increasingly digging into the social media activities of prospective and current hires.

Nancy Flynn, founder and executive director of the ePolicy Institute, and Lewis Maltby. Do you think there should be something on a post, a disclaimer to say the image has been edited/photoshopped? What are your thoughts on protecting young teenagers & preventing them from mental health problems connected with social media?

️🧡💛. Do You Think That Media Should Have the Right to Disclosr Private Lives of Famous or Important People. Pages: 1 ( words) Published: July 22, Disagree.

The public does NOT have a right to know every move a celebrity makes and in some cases, people really go too far. Part of the journalists in the newsroom, especially those who had small children, felt it was an unsuitable image to publish.

Other journalists felt it conveyed the horror of the refugee situation in a scene that was at the same time horrible and peaceful. Oct 23,  · The media is clearly backing Obama.

They look at all of his positives and ignore the negatives. Whereas, they ignore the positives and broadcast the negatives of both McCain and Palin. They really don't say too much about Biden.

Do you think the media has an influence over how people will vote? Also, do you think that if a celebrity backs one over the other that it will sway votes?Status: Resolved. Jul 18,  · While the media's right to freedom of expression should be defended, the media should not intrude into people's private affairs.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Individual freedom is an essential needs for everyone these days.

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