Essay about teaching experience

Generally, I had a great time with my students, and I could not have asked for a better report with my cooperating teacher. I felt supported from day one, and he gave me the confidence I needed to keep progressing. Interacting with my students was fantastic, and I was very surprised at how much my students taught me, from everything to relationships to school practices. Throughout the semester I was able to create a really great atmosphere in my classrooms.

Essay about teaching experience

The one subject I feel very insecure about, and I have feared for most of my educational career, is the one that I am responsible for teaching - Math. The first preparation I had to begin with was personal. I felt that I needed to come to terms with my fear, and feel really confident in what I was about to teach.

Otherwise, my teaching would be phony and the students would be able to pick up on it. The process of developing more comfort with math is ongoing for me.

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In order to prepare to teach a unit on math to grade one students, I had to become familiar and comfortable with the Curriculum Guide and Program of Study. By reading the material I would need for this particular group of students, I began to slowly feel more comfortable with the task at hand.

I also talked to my peers and related my fears and insecurities to them. I quickly discovered that a great deal of my inhibitions are linked to past experiences with math.

When this became clear to me, I then was able to face those emotions and move beyond them. I took the next step, breaking the unit into smaller ideas - individual lessons - and diving into the research.

I began to research my unit by exploring the Program of Studies and Curriculum Guide. When I realized what my expectations were, I began to research various activities I could use - this required me to dig into journals and textbooks. Once I had an idea of the format I wanted to use for the unit, I began to get lost on the Internet--there is a great deal of useful information of math online.

I quickly learned that having to teach only six lessons in this unit was not very long, and the resources were endless. I had been transformed from a panic and lost state to an overwhelmed and lost state! I had already decided to adopt a style of teaching that these students were not very familiar with.

The teacher usually introduces a unit of study and has set up activity tubs stations where she would rotate the groups. I was bringing in a more interactive approach - my unit was to be taught in both small and large group settings. I believed it would be interesting to compare and observe the similarities and differences between my approach and that of my partner teacher.

Before finalizing my plans for this unit, I discussed my findings, resources and ideas with my partner teacher. From the beginning, my partner teacher offered to share her lesson plans and activity booklets.

I asked her if I could instead look at these after I had completed research and study of the unit on my own.individual assignment. In 1,, words, describe the teaching experience and discuss your observations.

The written portion of this assignment should include: Summary of teaching plan Epidemiological rationale for topic Evaluation of teaching experience Community response to teaching Areas of strengths and areas of . Daily Journal of the Teaching Experience The following is an indepth analysis of my daily experiences with the planned versus lived curriculum.

Essay about teaching experience

In the math unit being discussed here, I introduce the concept of money to 26 grade one students. Describing Interesting Personal or Educational Experiences Print Rarely, but occasionally, while working with a student on a personal essay, I can’t help but wince.

A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah Final Reflective Essay on Teaching and Learning I have learned three things from my student teaching experience: effective pedagogy, classroom management, and humility.

In this expository essay I will briefly explain each of the above-mentioned and explain why it is important. Final Reflective Essay on Teaching and Learning Reflecting on each experience, the successful and the not so successful, has encouraged me to continue to persevere and grow from these challenges.

Not only did I discover a great deal about teaching but I also learned a great deal about myself.

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