Fusion network tv cannabusiness report

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Fusion network tv cannabusiness report

The main opportunity is in budtending, the marijuana equivalent of the bartender or barista. Wanting to learn more about it, we talked to cannabusiness experts and compiled a quick list of steps to attaining your dream job.

fusion network tv cannabusiness report

Know Where to Look A plethora of online services can help you locate cannabis jobs in adult-use or medical states.

One of the more popular services is careers. Other online options include THCjobs. These sites are excellent resources for making a master list of all the stores in your area.

Reading their online reviews can give you a better idea of which ones may be better than others. His goal is to educate dispensary workers on the science of marijuana and set best practices for the industry.

Make sure you educate patients about the different terpenes and cannabinoids. Get away from geeking out to patients about the lineage of the strain.


Store managers are looking for qualified and knowledgeable applicants. Instead, mention your professional experience and how good you are with customers. She discovered cannabis after seeking treatment for epilepsy, and is now studying to become a doctor.

I trained myself through that. I can teach people about cannabis, I can teach them about business. You know, a lot of people come in here because they have no hope.Amara La Negra Does ASMR, Talks 'Love and Hip-Hop' While Experimenting With Coconut Oil and Makeup Mind Massage.

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fusion network tv cannabusiness report

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Producer – The Cannabusiness Report (Season 1) FUSION FUSION — Reality/Doc (TV) — Fusion Details 3/15 – 5/ Booked and setup logistics for many shoots, wrote segments, and story produced the first season of this reality-news program.

Story producer for this special on the Fusion network. 10/14 – . Chris Thompson is the Community and Nonprofit Manager at Freedom Leaf, working to build an online network that directly supports NORML, SSDP, and Women Grow.


Chris is also the Executive Director of Las Vegas NORML.

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