How to make money writing articles in nigeria the yoruba

Oyo Empire and surrounding states Monarchies were a common form of government in Yorubaland, but they were not the only approach to government and social organization. The notion of the divine king was so important to the Yoruba, however, that it has been part of their organization in its various forms from their antiquity to the contemporary era. Each quarter retained its own Ogboni council of civilian leaders, along with an Olorogun, or council of military leaders, and in some cases its own elected Obas or Baales. These independent councils elected their most capable members to join a federal civilian and military council that represented the city as a whole.

How to make money writing articles in nigeria the yoruba

Contact Write and Get Paid! This article will fill you in on the nitty-gritty. The internet has significantly increased our access to, and appetite for, information.

1 Affiliate Marketing

Every second, millions of people around the world are searching online for news, tips, guidance, how-to stuff, entertainment, gossip and all kinds of information. If you love to write, this is an excellent way to make money online and offline.

Home business ideas in Nigeria ▷ A common similarity with the above-listed platforms is that they all hire writers almost immediately, increase pay rates based on dedication, and pay writers in Naira whenever they want to receive payments.
2 • LOCATION However, do not think that home business requires a lot of investment.
Make Money From Home – Blog Business in Nigeria with Free Niche & Topics – Nigeria Heartbeat Online jobs are the best variants to combine study and work.
1 • INTRODUCTION They are, in fact, not a single group, but rather a collection of diverse people bound together by a common language, history, and culture.

Continue reading to find out how it works… Why will blogs pay anyone to write for them? This is the simple reason why companies like Google Inc.

how to make money writing articles in nigeria the yoruba

Because millions of people now depend on the internet as a source of easy and reliable information, anyone who can provide valuable content that helps people solve a problem, improve themselves or develop a skill, always hits a goldmine.

A recent article on smallstarter. Due to the huge and rapidly growing demand for information, blogging has become a popular way for ANYONE to easily share knowledge with the world. And the blogging business is now a huge industry. At the moment, there are more than million blogs on the internet.

Anyone — in their bedroom, farm or college dormitory — can run a blog and make serious money from it. Just like every other endeavor in life, not all people who start a blog become successful.

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The ones who become successful attract such a huge audience who become addicted to their blogs. This strategy ensures that there is always an interesting variety of information and a steady supply of quality articles for their readers.

how to make money writing articles in nigeria the yoruba

Depending on the stature of the blog and the number of articles they need you to write, these blogs are willing to pay a handsome fee to anyone who can write good stuff for them.

As a result, a lot of people can afford to work from home and live full-time on income they earn from writing for others.

What can I do to make money in Nigeria?

They are able to use the power of words to inform, educate, entertain, persuade and even criticize a topic, an idea, a person, company or product. Not everyone can put their thoughts in writing in a form that other people can understand and appreciate. Some of these guys were born with this natural talent, while many others have acquired it through learning and practice yes!

Anyone can learn to write very well! The difference between these writers is very slim. Ghost bloggers write articles and content in the name of other blogs and cannot take credit as the author.Functions of Hand Woven Textiles among Yoruba Women textile forms produced by men on the narrow loom, his major focus is on the Kijipa cloth produced by women on the broad loom.

In the past Kijipa served more than a domestic function as it was used for social, religious, ritual. Jul 26,  · Make Money From Home – Blog Business in Nigeria with Free Niche & Topics October 7, November 6, publisher Recently the internet has seen a tremendous increase in the number of Bloggers especially those with the motive of making money out of it.

Jul 15,  · plz i would like to know how i can make money writing articles online. [get paid to blog]. Another cool place to find writing and blogging opportunities are on popular freelance websites like:,, and Now you know how to make money online from writing.

Majority of this population is from Nigeria, where the Yorùbá make up 21% of the country's population, according to the CIA World Factbook, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. Most Yoruba people speak the Yoruba language copper alloy was a form of collar money (mondua) used in the Yoruba country, 17th century.

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