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Pufnstuf was based upon the acid -induced dreams of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartwho claimed to have had the drug injected into him by his arch-nemesis, Antonio Salieri. During his hallucinogen-induced trip, Mozart completed all of his most widely-acclaimed works, including The Magic Flutean opera about a magic flute. Cooke took the concept of the magic flute and placed it loosely into the hands of a swinging, happy-go-lucky teenager named "Jack. Once asleep, an evil Enchantress would transport the boy to a surrealistic island, where a rotating cast of bizarrely-costumed characters would engage in an seemingly endless cycle of plotting, scheming, gloating, skipping, revenge, moralizing, and terrifying psychotic hallucinations.

Hr stuffs

This is a package that is chock-full of our most popular offerings of eBooks and Presentation Slideshows. In total, they Hr stuffs hundreds of the world's wackiest and most creative and mind-boggling visual games NOT available anywhere else!

More on trainers mega-value package Word Juxtapoz is the perfect link to making a normal classroom lesson a delight to be in.

I tried it with my class and now I have happy children when they leave school for home at the end of day. It is unique and inspirational as well as a great resource to promote recreativity among the youth of today. As a trainer, I like to sprinkle humor into my training.

Hr stuffs

The introduction of Word Juxtapoz has provided me with seemingly limitless resource from which I can pull Hr stuffs thoughts and activities, and helps the training stick for the students. Please keep up the great creativity. I have been using them with great success and great feedback from everyone who has seen them.

Keep up the Great Work!

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They think I am amazing, thanks to Juxtaaerobix. Thank you so much.

Hr stuffs

Keep up the amazing creativity which always holds mere mortals like me in awe. I have a classroom full of 8and 9 year old children who have learned the importance of crical, creative thinking. Thank you for the wonderful information.

The team find the puzzles entertaining whilst incorporating the added value of teamwork. The wide range of puzzles ensures that by the time the session is over, the team are more focused for the remainder of the meeting. The attendees were definitely more relaxed and ready for training after some good laughs and mental exercises.

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It creates intellectual stimulation and the more I use it, the more I find the group members requesting to see and solve one of your great brain teasers, icebreakers or puzzles.

You have developed a product that will enhance every facilitator's capability to ensure attentiveness and at the same time actively working with both the left and right brain. I am absolutely delighted with the visual aspect of the icebreakers.

They are fun, gets the brain working and a nice change if your group of learners is not into an "active" icebreaker activity. Since using your icebreakers, the group has spoken so much about them, that I have been asked to submit them to the church to be distributed and used amongst all the groups.

Some of our 'uncreative' members have really blossomed and cannot wait for the following week's icebreaker. Really Awesome, this was one of the first exercises that boggled the minds of my colleuges, kept them geussing.Join Calvin, Stuff, and the rest of the pups in welcoming a very special visitor, Stuff's uncle, H.R.

Pufnstuf, to their school in this video. This includes the paper manual stuffs that you’ll probably never read (especially after this post).

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I think Suunto finally got their groove back. After what I’d argue as years of being a bit lost, today they’ve nailed it with a product that hits the target audience perfectly and does so at an awesome price.

Ice breakers, brain teasers riddles, training games, meeting icebreakers, training icebreakers, fun pictures, wordplay, visual puzzles, vocabulary builders for the whole brain. Stuffs. 82, likes · 1, talking about this. Beauty/Cosmetics Company.

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