Ies report cover page

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Ies report cover page

The full Hyperion lineup, 3. Sky and Telescope's Hot Astronomy Product for ! No longer do amateurs need to spend more on their eyepieces than their primary instrument, in order to get true Ies report cover page performance in a wide-field eyepiece.

Ies report cover page just a different branded version of their highly regarded cousins, the Hyperions have been totally redesigned to deliver better transmission, contrast, and useful new features. Baader Planetarium has worked hard to give the Hyperions the world's finest optical coatings, superb mechanics, and their unique multifunctional design.

From their superb on-axis and off-axis sharpness, to their pitch-black high contrast field, the Hyperions really work. Some highlights of the Hyperion; Consisting of 8 elements in 5 groups 3.

The Hyperion optical design has been chosen to deliver a exceptionally comfortable view, thanks to its 20mm of eye-relief, large eyelens, and a pupil free of the kidney-beaning and blackouts common in many wide field eyepieces. It is totally free of blackouts and other annoying exit pupil behaviors, delivers long eye relief 17mmvirtually zero distortion, and is sharp to the edge even in fast telescopes.

Its flat focal plane is particularly suited to very fast newtonians that use coma correctors.

The 29mm field stop makes the 24mm Hyperion the widest 24mm eyepiece we know of. The 24mm Hyperion is also the smallest and lightest of the Hyperions. Baader Planetarium has gone to great lengths to give the Hyperions the most advanced multicoatings ever used on amateur telescope eyepieces please note: These coatings are applied with the latest thin-film German coating equipment, training, and process controls.

The result are coatings that truly rival the best in the world - including the famous Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic! The difference is clearly visible - users report that the Hyperions clearly show fainter stars and darker sky than the competitive clones.

The proprietary Hyperion housings have been engineered by Baader to incorporate careful opto-mechanical design and execution of internal baffling to eliminate stray light and ghost reflections. Uncapping the eyelens reveals a pitch black interior, with no distracting and contrast-robbing glints of light from unbaffled lens or metal surfaces.

We call these our 'black hole' eyepieces. Superb fit and finish. Eyepiece barrels are accurate to size, nicely machined, and hard anodized. Works in both 1. Baader's new housing incorporates a full-length 2" barrel 0. In addition, the Hyperion field stop locations have been re-designed and optimized to give the shortest focus position possible important for binoviewer use.

Soft folding rubber eyecups work for both normal and eyeglass users. Each Hyperion comes with protective lens caps and leatherette storage pouch. Observers with any astigmatism will really appreciate this feature, no longer needing to wear eyeglasses to see stars as true pinpoints.

Ies report cover page

The long 20mm eye relief of the Hyperions works particularly well with these corrector lenses, without forcing the observer to press their eye close to the lens in order to see the entire wide field. The 24mm Hyperion is a different optical design and does not permit the use of Finetuning Rings to decrease focal length.

Ies report cover page

We've tried most of the wide field eyepieces on the market that are suitable for binoviewing, and the Hyperions are at the top with the very best. When compared to some wide field eyepieces developed especially for binoviewing, we found the Hyperions were superior in every aspect: The new 24mm Hyperion works superbly in binoviewers, and delivers the widest true field of any 24mm wide field eyepiece.

Some users with narrow interocular separation like us may find it is necessary to remove the thin rubber M54 protective ring, in order to increase the 'nose clearance'.

Baader Hyperions incorporate some unique and innovative aspects, which are designed to make them the ideal projection eyepiece; The optical design of the Hyperions enables them to work as an extremely sharp wide-field projection eyepiece for even large chip CCD and DSLRs.

The eyelens barrel has been provided with two different external threads, M43 and M54 these are covered by the removable rubber eyecups. A complete system of adapter rings enables cameras to be directly and rigidly close-coupled for afocal projection, or variably extended for classical eyepiece projection imaging with our T-Adapter and Extension Tubes.

I tested the 3. Eye position is simple, very enjoyable eyepiece. I am surprised, and very pleased. The 21 on deep sky cruising is good. The FOV was flat with stars to the edge, no gulls.The first test reports about the "Morpheus" eyepieces appearing on the web are all very positive. US eyepiece specialist William A.

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Paolini, author of the book "Choosing and Using Astronomical Eyepieces" (Springer, ISBN ) published the most detailed test report on Cloudy nights.

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