Ruby file rename overwrite a file

Actual effects are operating system dependent see the beginning of this section.

Ruby file rename overwrite a file

You can use File. Move to do it. And it will throw an exception. So we need to check whether the file exists or not. First solution Avoid System. Move solutions posted here marked answer included. It fails over networks. Follow one of the move solutions, but replace it with Copy instead. Delete to delete the original file.

You can create a Rename method to simplify it. Ease of use Use the VB assembly in C. Add reference to Microsoft. VisualBasic Then to rename the file: RenameFile myfile, newName ; Both are strings.

Note that myfile has the full path. RenameFile a, b ; The C: You can copy it as a new file and then delete the old one using the System. Copy oldName, newName, true ; File. In this example code we open a directory and search for PDF files with open and closed parenthesis in the name of the file.

You can check and replace any character in the name you like or just specify a whole new name using replace functions. There are other ways to work from this code to do more elaborate renames but my main intention was to show how to use File.

Move to do a batch rename. This worked against PDF files in directories when I ran it on my laptop. This is spur of the moment code and there are more elaborate ways to do it. WriteLine "The number of the file being renamed is: Replace " ", "".

ruby file rename overwrite a file

Combine dir, fPath.If the file isn’t too big, the best way would probably be to read the file into an array of lines with file(), search through the array of lines for your string and edit that line, then implode() the array back together and fwrite() it back to the file.

If some one would like to write a PowerShell script to auto install the cert file into this directory then you could more easily deploy your Ruby project to Windows 7. Just a thought. By the way, you can duplicate this process for any operating system should the need arise.

Apr 26,  · I inherited an Access database where a forms on load event copies a source file on the server and saves it as a backup copy in another location adding the date to the end of the destination file creating a new daily backup each day.

A online file manager for rails project,support file/folder actions such as browse, create, rename, remove, copy, move, zip download, upload, unzip, view by type, support internationalization of both file path and page description - scorpio/filemanager.

For example, if a file is named "", and it exists within the same directory at both the source and destination it should not overwrite the destination file and simply rename the file at the destination as or testtxt, etc.

How to overwrite files with same name using vetconnexx.com_r?


ruby-on-rails ruby copy. Copy a file in ruby as sudo user.

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