Source based questions on the vietnam war 1960 essay

At the end of the war, it began to be manufactured in large-scale. Television, therefore, became the most important source of news for American people during the Vietnam era.

Source based questions on the vietnam war 1960 essay

Hire Writer There were also thousands of letters, phone calls and confrontations with the American Government to persuade them to stop the war. Many of the independent groups had their own reasons for disagreeing with the war in Vietnam, and so there is great depth to why an anti-war movement on such a scale began.

One of the main reasons is the role of the media during the Vietnam War. Most homes in the sixties owned televisions and some even colour televisions, so the war could be seen by nearly all Americans daily.

Evolution of The Media

There were no restrictions on the media during Vietnam as there are today so shocking images and newsreel could be sent back home for Americans to see.

Americans saw devastating images of dead Vietnamese, dead and injured American G. For example the My Lai Massacre on the 16th March horrified the world as people found that the Americans were the cause of a casualty massacre of unarmed Vietnamese civilians.

Adam Whybro The war was proving to be a heavy drain on manpower and casualties were starting to mount up. The United States needed conscripts by to replace the dead and those who had finished their tour of duty.

Source based questions on the vietnam war 1960 essay

This generated a lot of opposition from men who did not want to fight resulting in the many draft burning protests that took place. Drafting caused large amounts of resentment between the social classes as white middle class men could easily be cleared, whilst ethnic minorities were drafted.

The poor morale of American troops and of veterans fueled the anti-war movement leading to two big protests in Washington in and and a record amount of desertions, somein alone.

The use of Napalm alone was strongly opposed and added to the destruction of rainforests and spraying of chemicals caused massive opposition to the tactics being used to win the war. Johnson had also promised better health care, better housing, a better transport system and reducing the social divisions between Americans.

The war took valuable funding and resources from these projects, resulting in more people showing their opposition to the war. The Black Civil Rights protests greatly backed up the anti-war movement, as they believed that mostly ethnic minorities were being drafted into the armed forces.

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Some of the higher officers were racially abusing some of the black soldiers, which caused lots of resentment between black and white soldiers in the American army. The black civil rights movement acted alongside the anti-war movement rather than being a direct consequence of the war, whereas the other reasons to why there was an anti-war movement are direct courses of the war, because they only came about during the Vietnam War.

The sources A-F, do not explain all the reasons to why there was and anti-war movement, but they do help us to understand a few of the reasons why such a strong anti-war movement took place during the Vietnam Conflict.

There was an anti-war movement due to the unrestricted role of the media which showed many disturbing pictures of the Vietnam Conflict, including both dead and dieing civilians and soldiers, horrific injuries such as napalm burns and destroying buildings.

Sources B, C and E help us to understand the role of the media during the conflict. Source B is a famous photograph that shows children running followed by American soldiers and imparticular a naked girl running and screaming with severe, distressing napalm burns.

This is a very distressing picture, which received extensive media coverage. The image does show the public how bad the war was though and the ineffectiveness of American tactics and the lack of care shown by the American military not to hit civilians.

Source based questions on the vietnam war 1960 essay

Adam Whybro In Source C the writer, Richard Hamer, tells us about a scenario where a US patrol is attacked by a mortar on a road between paddy fields containing Vietnamese civilians. Hamer describes the decision that many American soldiers must have faced when in Vietnam, whether the civilians attacked the patrol and whether to kill all of them or none of them.

He gives the readers an insight into what it must be like to be an American soldier in Vietnam to everyone back in America. This shows how bad being a soldier was and to parents or close ones back in America of soldiers would have made them want the war to stop and to bring their sons home, heightening the anti-war movement.

Hamer goes on to give the horrific details of the tactics used by the US during the war. He does not however inform us of the types of horrific tactics that the Vietcong Guerillas used, such as the horrific booby traps they set for American patrols, which is biased against the war.

The American tactics were dammed by much of the world as they were deemed as harsh; this was brought about by the media. The Americans used chemicals to destroy rainforests around the Ho Chi Minh trail and villages like Napalm and Agent Orange, which still has an effect on the Vietnam life today!around two to six questions that focus on a primary source, secondary source, or other historical issue.

The opposition to the Vietnam War in the s and s (B) The growth of conservatism in the s, s, and s Framework Sample Questions. Essay Writing Guide.

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The Vietnam War A source-based study. Source based questions on the Vietnam war The soldiers' families probably felt scared for the soldier and worrying if he will survive and this will probably change their opinions about the war.

Source I is about American troops going in and killing innocent Vietnamese people in My Lai. SOURCE-BASED QUESTIONS Question 1 The Cold War: How did the Cold War period shape international relations after the Second World War?

Question focus: China and Vietnam (candidates to choose one) Nations on 20 September in New York. [From: The Cold War by Katherine A Sibley]. Regardless of which war you are going to write about, whether it is the Civil War, WWI, WW2, Vietnam or Iraq War, you will need to first decide on your topic and then choose a method of approach to use in writing the war essay.

The approach that you take in writing the essay will dictate both the structure of your war essay and which facts and.

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