Study abroad business plan

Global Safety is a priority for all international travel. Join a Study Abroad Program To get started in the process of participating on a study abroad program: Identify the programs that interest you.

Study abroad business plan

Students will examine the relationship in the utilization of the application of contemporary marketing to the basic marketing function with ultra fragmented distribution channels in the Middle East.

The premise of the research is to illustrate how the contemporary marketing fundamental principles can apply in an environment that still, until this modern day, utilizes the trading principles of the 18th century. Yet, at the same time, this environment functions with contemporary marketing concepts that we utilize in the West.

For more information, contact Sabah Alwan. Scholastica students have an opportunity to travel and study in Russia by taking part in the summer language camps the College sponsors in cooperation with the Karelian State Pedagogical University in Petrozavodsk, Duluth's sister city in Russia.

Russian language camps are held in June and July. Language classes are taught at the beginning level through advanced-intermediate level by the faculty of the Karelian Pedagogical University. The camps include cultural and recreational activities as well as extended visits to St.

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The language camps are an integral part of St. Scholastica's Russian language program, but they are open to all students, including those with no previous Russian language experience.

study abroad business plan

Students earn four credits that may be applied to the Cultural Diversity portion of the area distribution requirements.

In alternate summers, St. Scholastica faculty offer English language camps for students from Petrozavodsk. Scholastica students also are encouraged to participate in these camps as hosts to the College's guests from Russia.

For more information, contact Karen Rosenflanz. Social Justice Immersion in Arizona and Mexico Winter and Spring Break Open to all majors, with respect to Catholic Social Teaching, students learn the consequences of immigration policy, border enforcement efforts and the reality of undocumented migration, apprehension, detention and deportation.

For more information contact Marcia Runnberg.

study abroad business plan

Tanzania Service Trip Summer Participants in this service-based trip, which runs every other summer, go to the monasteries of the Benedictine Sisters of St.

Agnes in rural southwestern Tanzania where they spend roughly two weeks working with the sisters in the schools, orphanages and medical dispensaries that they host. Other service projects may be available. Participants also collect a variety of medical and educational supplies to bring to Tanzania for these locations.


During the preceding spring semester, students enroll in the associated two-credit course to examine the concepts of culture, cultural competence and collaboration from an interdisciplinary lens while preparing for the trip to Tanzania.

The course and trip explore issues of equity and justice through critical examination of personal and professional values in light of the Benedictine values which are also embraced by our hosts — the Benedictine Sisters of St.

Before and after the two weeks at St. Agnes, the group has the opportunity to travel to several locations in Tanzania, including historical sites and a safari.

For more information, contact David Schuettler. The Cuernavaca Quest Summer Every other summer a group of up to 20 students travels with faculty to Cuernavaca, Mexico. This service learning, social justice based program is designed to improve your Spanish, challenge your world view, immerse you in another culture, and open you to compassion for others.

The program is worth 10 credits, consisting of courses in conversational Spanish, the history and culture of Mexico, plus a two week service-learning project in the community.

The group stays at Quest Mexico, a live-in facility dedicated to teaching social justice from the point of view of the poor in Mexico. Quest Mexico arranges for speakers and activists on a variety of topics dealing with issues such as economic change, women's issues, poverty and grass-roots movements.

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Quest Mexico also organizes excursions to places of interest in and around Cuernavaca, including a weekend home-stay in a local village and a weekend in Mexico City.

Quest Mexico also provides a safe, clean and secure residence, with all meals, located within bus distance from the city center. You must be at least a sophomore and have completed at least one year of college-level Spanish or its equivalent to be eligible. For more information, contact David Schuettler or Martin Pflug.

Belize Experience Spring Break This is a service-learning elective in which senior and post-baccalaureate nursing students, through intensive experience applying principles of civic engagement and nursing knowledge, gain understanding of cultural differences and similarities between people of different cultures.

Students use their skills and knowledge to help bring solutions to community-identified problems. At other times, students will have an opportunity to visit local sites of interest.

For more information, contact Candace Ginsberg.SAC Study Abroad is a two year old company, preparing to launch its language programs in Fall, -Remote Internship- The SAC Intern program is an integral part of our Global Programs.

By offering unique, skill-specific and collaborative internship opportunities within your desired field of study, your education will benefit from this. S:\April May 09\SA Work Documents\My compositions\Revised Texts for My Study Abroad 05/ Example: Tentative selection for Jason Purdue, Communications major, who plans to spend the spring term at Uppsala University, Sweden.

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