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KTM provides clear schedules for travellers bound for any coast in the country Relaxed and hassle-free travel are two of the reasons why many Malaysians continue to opt for trail travel during the festive seasons. Also, schedules are less likely to be disrupted and unlikely to be impacted by traffic congestion. Might get pricey especially with a large family in tow, but the comfort level is clearly higher Catching a flight is always an option, as airlines usually increase flight frequencies in anticipation of additional passenger load during holiday seasons like this. While it will most likely cost more, you might save a bit of time and enjoy a higher level of comfort.

Survival guide hari raya 1 0

Source An annual tradition, this arduous journey retraces the steps of the Prophet Muhammad, and includes symbolic rituals once pilgrims have reached the holy city.

Every able-bodied and financially stable adult Muslim is required to perform the Hajj at least once in his or her lifetime. Close study of the Hajj rituals, avoiding worldly distractions, and repentance for past sins are ways to prepare the mind for the journey.

Survival guide hari raya 1 0

Most importantly, the Hajj must be undertaken with sincerity and devotion, not for gaining worldly recognition. As a sign of solidarity, Muslims can perform the Hajj in groups. Due to influx of believers during this period, pilgrims must arrive at the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, latest by the 4th of Dhul-Hijjah16 Aug this year.

State of Ihram Muslims must first assume a state of purity known as Ihram, before performing the rites of Umrah and Hajj. Shaving, grooming and bathing is required. No perfumes, makeup or cosmetics should be worn.

Survival guide hari raya 1 0

Besides the simple sandals, women can wear ordinary clothes that are clean and modest. Covering the head with a veil or scarf is the mandatory attire as well.

Rites of Umrah Proceeding to Kaaba — the most sacred location in Islam — and performing the Tawaf by circling it 7 times in an counter-clockwise direction while reciting prayers comes after that. Upon completing 7 circles, the ritual is done. In modern times, the entire path is now enclosed in a long gallery.

Upon reaching the top of Marwah, believers face the Kaaba and walk down from the hill. Women usually cut a lock of hair or have their hair trimmed a little.

The Rites of Hajj Believers must once again assume the state of Ihram, and wear the proper attire. This time, they will head towards the tent city of Mina, with thousands of white air-conditioned tents for pilgrims.

Men and women stay in separate tents, adjacent to each other. As the first day here does not have any rituals, believers can interact and conduct prayers of their choice.

Pilgrims then hold a vigil on a plain of Arafat, from noon till the sun sets completely, praying and reflecting about their lives, futures, and places in the world.

Muzdalifah prayers Once the sun has set, pilgrims head to Muzdalifah between Mina and Arafat. Evening prayers known as Mahghrib will be offered, as they spend the night sleeping on the ground beneath the open sky.

Pilgrims throw 7 consecutive pebbles at 3 stone walls known as the Jamrat al Aqabah. As the ceremony is crowded with a tense atmosphere, trampling deaths have occurred during this part of the ritual. Elderly, sick and injured pilgrims are discouraged from taking part in this.

They can get a friend to carry it out in their place. In modern times, sacrifice vouchers are purchased to symbolise that an animal was sacrificed in your name.The Balik Kampung Survival Guide: Hari Raya Edition How to survive nosey makciks and duit raya.

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