The power of knowlegde

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The power of knowlegde

The treatment is a type of massage performed using small satchels containing herbal powders, herbs, rice or sand.

The Kizhi Ayurveda massage therapy is very effective in every aspect and it gives a new born feel to all aspirants. It has the power to make effective changes to human body. Kizhi, the Ayurveda treatment ensures confidence and mental peace.

Kizhi improves vigour and vitality. Efficient Doctors Our experts delivering the best Ayurvedic treatments. Traditional ayurveda We experience the power of ayurveda through therapies.

Modern Facilities We believes in keeping up with the latest developments. Calm Atmosphere Calm and quite atmosphere which refresh your mind.

Sirovasthi Sirovasti is the head therapy, which is one of the major external oil therapy procedures in Ayurvedic treatment.

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The term 'Siro' means head and 'vasti' means container holding liquids. Siro Vasti cures nervous diseases. Every kind of nervous disorders would be effectively cured within Siro Vasti treatment.

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As a result oriented Ayurveda treatmentSiro Vasti gets much attention even from abroad countries. Tharpanam Eye is the most beautiful gift of Mother Nature to mankind. All the valuables of this world are useless if one is deprived of vision. Today's stressed lifestyle has given rise to many diseases which are responsible for vision loss.

Tharpanam or Tharpan means retention of medicines over the eyes. This treatment improves eye sight, strengthen the optic nerve and to prevent different eye diseases.

It is basically an eye cleansing process. It gives a cooling effect to eyes. The medicated oil is retained over the eye bordered with a thick herbal combination. Dhara Dhara is one of the main therapy in Ayurveda, and it has everything that you would prefer from an Ayurveda therapy.

Over the past few years, the therapy Dhara got popular everywhere and obtained wide recognition.

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Without Dhara therapy, the Ayurveda is not completed. Dhara gives relief to chronic headaches, insomnia, mental tension, hysteria, hallucination and insanity etc. The implement of Dhara in individuals is very interesting.

The main ingredients of Dhara are herbal oil, coconut water, milk, ghee and dhanyamlam etc. Marmachikitsa Marma massage is a very important massage therapy in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has deep rooted knowledge in human anatomy. Marma massage therapy is a very ancient healing system of Indian, it follows the tradition over thousands of years. The rishi medicinal science Ayurveda is enriched with so many unique curing systems and marma massage therapy is one of the best facet of Ayurveda.Kizhi.

The kizhi massage therapy is a synchronized Ayuurvedic mode of treatment. The treatment is a type of massage performed using small satchels containing herbal powders, herbs, rice or sand.

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The power of knowlegde

Power (re-) creates its own fields of exercise through knowledge. Foucault incorporates this inevitable mutuality into his neologism power-knowledge, the most important part of which is the hyphen that links the two aspects of the integrated concept together (and alludes to their inherent inextricability).

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