The sky is gray

A Chinchilla Persian with sea-green eyes As with blue eyes, the color of green eyes does not result simply from the pigmentation of the iris. The green color is caused by the combination of: They were present in south Siberia during the Bronze Age.

The sky is gray

Saturn Pictured above, Saturn and six of its moons. Titan appears at the lower left and continuing to the right are Mimas, Tethys, Enceladus, Dione, and Rhea.

Rafael Defavari Saturn, having passed through conjunction with the Sun on November 29, becomes plainly visible around mid-December, when it rises in the southeast more than an hour before sunup. If you cannot spy it right away, binoculars will bring it into view. Saturn orbits the Sun at an average distance of 9.

It takes Saturn nearly 30 Earth years to complete one revolution around the Sun, so a year on Saturn is 30 times longer than a year on Earth. Like all planets, Saturn rotates on its axis — an imaginary line running through a planet from its north pole to its south pole.

But in Saturn, the axis is tilted at The same thing occurs on Earth and brings about the regular changes in the weather we call the seasons. Because Saturn takes a lot longer to orbit the Sun, its seasons last for 7.

Finder map late December — 30 minutes before sunrise, looking southeast. Uranus Uranus appears slightly more than halfway to the zenith in the southeast as darkness falls and remains on view all evening.

It does not set until around 1 A. Start by drawing an imaginary line from Beta to Gamma Pegasi, the top right corner and bottom left corner of the asterism, respectively, on December evenings. Then continue the line and head slightly left to pick up Epsilon Piscium. If you use a telescope at high magnification, on a night with good seeing conditions, Uranus appears as a tiny featureless disk with a pale greenish hue.

However, if you are equipped with one of the very large-aperture telescopes that have become common nowadays you will find it possible to glimpse the largest and brightest of the moons. Look for it in Aquarius the Water-Bearer, roughly one-third of the way from 5th-magnitude Sigma Aquarii to 4th-magnitude Lambda.

Try to catch a view before 8 P. The distant planet sets by 11 P. It is much easier to see, however, if you mount the binoculars on a tripod or use a small telescope. The atmospheric composition of Neptune is similar to that of Uranus.

Compared to Uranus, Neptune appears bluer, presumably due to a higher concentration of methane around 3-percent in the atmosphere.

The giant planet releases internal energy, driving supersonic winds to speeds of over 1, miles 2, kilometers per hour. The exact source of the released energy is unclear, but it does not appear to be a remnant from the formation of the planet.

Pluto The dwarf planet is not currently observable. It will return to view in Februarylow in the morning sky. The Deep Sky Easy to appreciate in binoculars or small telescopes, M34 lies some 1, light years away in the constellation Perseus.

According to the popular legend, Perseus rescued the beautiful maiden Andromeda, chained to a rock as a sacrifice to Cetus the sea monster. For his valor, Perseus was placed among the stars for eternity. The constellation hosts a magnificent array of deep sky wonders, with many fine open star clusters and nebulae.

However, despite this rich assortment of deep sky objects, including the famous Double Cluster, only two objects in Perseus — the open cluster M34 and the planetary nebula M76 — are logged in the famous catalog of 18th-century French comet hunter Charles Messier.

The open cluster makes an isosceles triangle with Kappa Persei and Beta Persei, or Algol, the remarkable eclipsing binary star whose brightness fades for a few hours every 2. One of the brightest true members is a double star known as Struve 44, whose 8. It has a diameter of about 10 light years and its stars rotate at rates that are midway between those in the younger Pleiades Cluster million years old and the older Hyades Cluster million years old.

The sky is gray

This is thought to be the result of rotational braking whose effect on stellar rotation rates becomes more pronounced with age. Such braking is believed to be due to angular momentum loss via magnetic coupling to the chromosphere i.

Asteroids Vesta shows light and dark features, hills, craters and cliffs, much like our Moon. It formed at a time when the asteroid belt was much more massive than it is today and was witness to its dramatic evolution, where planetary embryos were formed and lost, and where the collisional environment shifted from accretional to destructive.

In spite of being a bit too small, Vesta could easily be considered the sixth Earth-like planet, in addition to Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Shortly after its formation more than 4 billion years ago, molten lava penetrated the surface, cooled again, and has not changed since.Gray or grey is a color that is neither black or white.

It falls on the color palette somewhere between black and white. Gray or grey is considered a neutral color, one often used to complement a brighter one, though there are many different shades of gray or shades of grey and different colors available.

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