Work-life balance benefits and barriers thesis

Essay Writing Service The answer lies in how we deal with that old adversary stress. Maintaining a work-life balance is essential in handling stress.

Work-life balance benefits and barriers thesis

Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe — Starting the Longitudinal Dimension. Factors affecting decisions[ edit ] Many factors affect people's retirement decisions.

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In countries around the world, people are much more likely to retire at the early and normal retirement ages of the public pension system e. Generally the effect of wealth on retirement is difficult to estimate empirically since observing greater wealth at older ages may be the result of increased saving over the working life in anticipation of earlier retirement.

However, a number of economists have found creative ways to estimate wealth effects on retirement and typically find that they are small. For example, one paper exploits the receipt of an inheritance to measure the effect of wealth shocks on retirement using data from the HRS. A great deal of attention has surrounded how the Financial crisis of — and subsequent Great Recession are affecting retirement decisions, with the conventional wisdom saying that fewer people will retire since their savings have been depleted; however recent research suggests that the opposite may happen.

Job openings will increase in the next 5 years due to retirements of the baby boomer generation.

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The Over 50 population is actually the fastest growing labor groups in the US. A great deal of research has examined the effects of health status and health shocks on retirement. It is widely found that individuals in poor health generally retire earlier than those in better health.

This does not necessarily imply that poor health status leads people to retire earlier, since in surveys retirees may be more likely to exaggerate their poor health status to justify their earlier decision to retire.

This justification bias, however, is likely to be small.

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On average, husbands are three years older than their wives in the U. Thus, men are more likely to retire if their wives are also retired than if they are still in the labor force, and vice versa. Rashad Mehbaliyev [36] analyzed how different factors related with health, demographics, behavior, financial status, and macroeconomics can affect retirement status in European Union countries for data collected from the SHARE Wave 2 dataset Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe [37] and UN sources.

He found that males are less likely to be retired compared with females in New Member Stateswhich is the opposite result than he found for Old Member States. This is an intuitive result as males in bigger household with children have to earn more and pension benefits will be less than needed for household.

The relationship between health status and retirement is significant for both self-assessed and objective indicators of health status. Men tend to retire later than women as women try to benefit from special early retirement schemes in Germany and the Netherlands.

Another reason is that they get access to pensions earlier than men as standard age of entitlement to pension is lower for women compared with men in Italy and the United Kingdom. The other interesting finding is that retirement depends on household size: They think that this can be because of the significance of wages in large households compared with smaller ones and insufficiency of pension benefits.

Another finding is that health status is significant factor in all early retirements; poor health conditions are especially significant if respondents join to disability benefit scheme.

This result is true for both indicators used to express health status self assessment and objective indicators. United States[ edit ] Quinn et al. This fact is also true for year He uses Health and Retirement Survey HRS for this purpose and finds that physical and mental health has significant effect on becoming employed.

In most cases the money is provided by the government, but sometimes granted only by private subscriptions to mutual funds.

Work-life balance benefits and barriers thesis

In this latter case, subscriptions might be compulsory or voluntary. In some countries an additional "bonus" is granted una tantum once only in proportion to the years of work and the average wages; this is usually provided by the employer.

The financial weight of provision of pensions on a government's budget is often heavy and is the reason for political debates about the retirement age. The state might be interested in a later retirement age for economic reasons. The cost of health care in retirement is large because people tend to be ill more frequently in later life.

Most countries provide universal health insurance coverage for seniors, although in the United States many people retire before they become eligible for Medicare at age InMedicare Part D went into effect in the United States, expanding benefits to include prescription drug coverage. A poll made in Washington said many people were unaware that "medicare doesn't pay for the most common types of long-term care" Neergaard ; 37 percent of Americans who took the survey believe that it does cover it.

Medicaid is a federal-state program for the needy and the main source seniors use to pay their long-term care. Health care costs play an important role.

Work-life balance benefits and barriers thesis

Calculators[ edit ] A useful and straightforward calculation can be done if we assume that interest, after expenses, taxes, and inflation is zero. Assume that in real after-inflation terms, your salary never changes during your w years of working life.

During your p years of pension, you have a living standard that costs a replacement ratio R times as much as your living standard in your working life.Factors that influence health: An introduction Introduction. Promoting public health in the 21st century is a multidisciplinary endeavour ranging from the surveillance of health and disease in populations, through to the provision of health advice and information.

Work-Life Practices and Organizational Performance 3 Making the Link between Work-Life Balance Practices and Organizational Performance Despite the popularity of work-life conflict as a topic of academic and.

By using the development of work life balance strategies, it enables social interaction between employees to build trust, boost morale and team spirit. Work life balance can help in lower turnover and manage costs.

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